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Our Commitment

Training World Champions

At World Team Training Center, our approach is what makes us the best wrestling club in the San Fernando Valley. We have proudly provided the opportunity for technical and personal growth to wrestlers under the Birmingham name since 2010. We understand that every athlete is different, and pride ourselves on the ability to identify the strengths and needs of each wrestler, and to help them develop their own unique style of wrestling. Vastly important to our members, we have arrived at a method that is effective in helping them achieve and surpass their personal goals in wrestling. Whether you’re new to the sport or are ready to take your training and experience to the next level, at World Team Training Center, we will work with you to reach your World Team aspirations and beyond.

Practice Schedule

Come train with us!

Tuesday: 5 – 6pm & 6 – 8pm
​​Thursday: 6 – 8pm

Sunday: 1-2:30pm

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